Therapuetic Riding/ Ranch Connections

Honey Bridge Ranch

6n917 IL Rout 25, Saint Charles, IL 60174

We are partnered with Horsepower Therapuetic Riding. Through them we offer programs for kids and adults with special needs and mental health needs.

 Connect with nature and the animals at Honey Bridge Ranch. Ranch connections serves a wide variety of people including families in the foster care system, people struggling with depression and anxiety, and trauma survivors.

Work on horsemanship skills in a safe and welcoming environment that will go at your pace. Experience the comfort and healing that horses can provide. 

Sign up or find out more by contacting Horsepower Therapuetic Riding. 

The Ranch Connections Program is designed around Natural Lifemanship Principles. Natural Lifemanship is a model of equine assisted learning that fosters healing through connected relationships. Horse assisted activities can help people regulate those deep, survival-focused brain regions and reintegrate the relational parts of the brain. To practice Natural Lifemanship is to engage in a process that puts connection above all else. Healing and growth rely on the powerful and transformative experience of connection.

Activities at the ranch may include interactions with animals including bunnies, goats, donkeys, dogs, chickens, ducks, and of course horses. Other activities may include crafts, books, hikes, scavenger hunts, and barn chores.

6N917 IL Route 25, Saint Charles Il 60174
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