McCall Horsemanship

Karly and Jessica learn and practice vaquero style horsemanship. Over the years the girls have been taking every opportunity possible to study under talented horseman in the reined cow, ranch horse, and colt starting/ restarting industries.   

When studying with McCall horsemanship you can plan to develop your education as well as your horses. We believe there is no such thing as a bad horse-- just poor communication. By working with you and your horse, the team will work to develop soft and clear communication. 

Lessons specialize in groundwork, barrel racing, horsemanship, colt starting, and ranch riding. They are also happy to provide lower level english and jumping lessons as well. 

If you are interested in training or lessons feel free to email Karly McCall and Jessica McCall.

Full Time Training

5 days a week including 1 lesson a week

Board and hay included.


1 Hour Lesson

Using a lesson horse


1 Hour Lesson

Using you own horse


1 Hour Group Lesson


Training Ride

1 hour working with your horse under saddle and/or on the ground


Full Time Training

$900 a month

Training is 5 days a week. 1 day can include a lesson. Board and hay are included. 

Set goals and discuss your visions for training. Training is tailored towards your needs. 

When having a horse in training with McCall Horsemanship you can feel confident that your horse will be loved and cared for like it is one of their own. You will receive weekly updates if you are not able to come for the weekly lessons. Horses will be turned out 24/7 with access to shelter, 24/7 hay and water. McCall horsemanship will also grain your horse 2x a day at the expense of the owner. Your horse will come back with more confidence, ground manners and skills under saddle. Skills we can teach include tying, saddling, maneuvers, standing for vet and farriers, trail riding, ranch riding, flag work and more. 

McCall Horsemanship prides themselves on training a horse you can love and enjoy. For more information reach out directly to Karly (630)818-0122 and check out their facebook page @McCall Horsemanship


Jaton Lord 

We have the privilege of having Jaton Lord out every July for a weekend cow horse clinic. Jaton worked for Annie Reynolds and Ray Hunt. Being Ray Hunts grandson Jaton works to bridge the gap between horsemanship and the performance world. He has a unique approach to training horses he says "Set the horse up for successful situations."

Barb Gerbitz

We feel blessed the barb continues to come back every spring to teach a horsemanship clinic. She has a natural horsemanship and classical dressage foundation and works to help horses and humans to communicate clearly. Barb utilize ground work to create proper engagement and to correct or prevent any problems. 

-Please reach out for exact dates and more information. 

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