Are you listening?


Listen to what your horse is telling you! Your horse is often a mirror of your riding skill.

It is amazing how different horses have such a different feel. Have you noticed that people's horses often have the same bad habits or good habits? I currently have a Mustang and a Tennessee Walker. While they have very different personalities and gaits, they both have very similar strengths and bad habits. 

I was inspired to write this because I recently realized that I had created a bad habit in my horses. I had the habit of holding them on the rail with my reins as opposed to riding on a free rein and then correcting them when they come off of the rail. I didn't struggle to keep them on the rail until I took away the aids. That's when I found that the horses relied on me too much. 

Everyone will have different realizations and problems with their horses. My hope is that people grow as riders and hold themselves accountable for the habits they create. 

Look at yourself before blaming the horse! 


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