A Vaquero's Foundation


I do not know if my trainer developed this image or if it has been passed down, but I would like to share a simile with you about the foundation of horsemanship.  

Dedicated to my mentor Dale McCarrel.

The seat- What the vaquero rests everything upon. "The goal of every horseman is for his horse to wish to be with him rather than without him whether on the ground or under saddle."

Each leg serves to support the goal.

  1.  The horseman expects to find a good horse and isn't surprised when he does.
  2.  The horseman makes the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard for the horse.
  3. The horseman tells his horse, "you be soft with me and I'll be soft with you. You give to me and I'll give to you."

Each brace supports the three legs

  1. The horse is a highly intelligent being.
  2. The horse is capable of reasoning.
  3. The horse is an intuitive being.
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